Dry Body Brush

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This brush made of natural agave bristles will help you tone and peel your body from the remains of dead cells, make the skin smoother, and provide an anti-cellulite effect.

  • 100% vegan



1. Use the brush before showering with Gentle Hand & Body Wash.

2. Brush your skin with delicate long stroke motion towards your heart, usually going over each area 2-3 times.

3. Start at your feet followed by legs, arms, and belly.

4. After the shower, hydration with healthy, high-quality ingredients is key, therefore follow with Gentle Hand & Body Lotion.

5. We recommend brushing 1-3 times per week.

* The brush is not suitable for the face.
* Not suitable for very sensitive, irritated, inflamed skin and skin prone to eczema.
* After dry brushing, your skin is thoroughly exfoliated, do not use any scrubs or abrasive loofahs on the same day and a few days after.


Bristles: agis sisalana
Handle: beech wood

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